Communication – art or science? Maybe a bit of both. At the heart of the need to communicate is the need to get a message across, the need to share your understanding or meaning with another.

 The challenge that communication presents to you is how best to get your message across.


Video presents an excellent solution to the communication challenge when presenting a combination of pictures and words is better than presenting words alone.


“A picture paints a thousand words.”



We were approached by Speedy Hire plc to pilot a short series of product awareness videos. Over the next eighteen months this became the “Speedy Know How” series, highlighting the safe and effective use of a number of items from their extensive hire range. 

The series aims to save them time and money by reducing the time spent showing customers how to use a piece of equipment and to also reduce the level of damage to kit through improper use. 

This led us into the area of showcasing safe working practices. Moving heavy or awkward items – safely! Safety in the workplace is increasingly important. Ensuring that everyone has the right training and level of awareness is reflected not only in H&S legislation but also in the number of claims. The safety video reaches an audience via another route and reinforces classroom learning.


We have produced a range of short video pieces for a variety of organisations;

  • A loop video for an exhibition stand for West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership
  • A short video introduction piece as part of a larger presentation for Local Care Direct, an Out Of Hours GP Service
  • A short documentary of the development of a drama piece for a Technical College
  • We are currently working on an induction video for a company and a project for a road safety charity

What our videos deliver are good quality, workable and affordable answers to other means of communication.


Where showing is better than telling, demonstrating is better than describing; video can be the ideal answer.

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