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Social Media for BusinessDigital media is the fastest growing way to engage, to communicate and to do business. More people and more organisations are getting involved with social media every day. It is vital that your business is represented and a part of the social media conversation.

Social media is the most exciting, energetic, mobile and inclusive area of digital communication, but can be daunting and complex environment to the newcomer. Our training will help you understand it better and realise its enormous potential.

From the simple basics of Facebook and Twitter through to the more advanced stages of monitoring and insight, running campaigns and dealing with negative posts, our experts will show you how social media works.  They will show you why it's so successful and what you can do to harness it, exploit it - and most importantly how your organisation can benefit from it.

Social Media Training Sessions can include:

  • What is social media and why it will help you
  • Setting your objectives for social media
  • What social media will work best for your business? Twitter? Facebook? YouTube? LinkedIn?
  • How to identify and reach your key audiences
  • The benefits and challenges of a high-speed communications environment
  • Tips on building a social media following
  • How B2B & B2C social media differs
  • How and when to post
  • Using video – the power of pictures
  • Monitoring on social media; listening as well as speaking
  • Analysing the effectiveness of your efforts
  • Tips on running a social media campaign and how to get some quick wins
  • How social media fits with customer service and how to deal with negative posts
Our approach:

This is a highly participative and fun session that uses practical live demonstrations, group exercises and discussions supported by case studies to build learning. The programme is led by a trainer and business consultant who specialises in social media.

Who should attend?

Suitable for those who have little or no experience of social media or who already have their own personal social media accounts and some basic working knowledge, but are ready to make the next step into using social media for business.

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