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Like many things in life, success in a job interview depends on effective preparation.  Yet for most of us the only time we do an interview is when we go for the job. How many other important situations would you expect to go into and perform at your best, under pressure, without any practice?

You can learn the techniques that will provide you with the skills and confidence to help you win in a job interview

It makes absolute sense to give yourself the best possible chance of success and to put yourself ahead of the competition by learning techniques and practising before your interview.

What will I learn?

Preparation techniques.  You will learn how and what to prepare ahead of your interview. We will help you decide upon the relevant content and how to structure your information.

Delivery techniques.  We will create a realistic environment and simulate the interview you are about to do. You can practise making a presentation and responding to interview questions.  You will learn how to deliver content with clarity, brevity and impact. We will explore body language and if appropriate, help you deal with any nerves.

Q&A technique.  How to deal with the obvious and the less obvious questions

We make extensive use of video during your session to show how others see and hear you and to help you develop your own style.  Your session will be a bespoke 1:1 event tailored to the interview you will be doing for real.  This means it will be confidential, personal and you will receive constructive feedback from our professional expert tutor.

The session will be supported with a range of materials to support your learning
  • Digital recordings of your efforts and reminders of the learning content
  • Hardback course notes
  • Free post-course telephone advice ahead of an interview at any time, should you wish

Job interviews can be daunting and you only get one shot at showing a true reflection of your capabilities and personality. Don’t walk away thinking “I could have done that better...”

If getting your next job really matters to you then the choice is obvious!

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