Crisis Communication Training As Bad News Travels… FAST!

Crisis Communication - Bad News Travels Fast!

Good crisis management and crisis communications won’t make a bad story into good, but through effective communication you can

  • control the direction of the story
  • create balance where there might have been bias
  • fact where there would have been speculation
  • and an appearance of order where there might have been a public perception of chaos.


When the news is bad, and potentially a big story, it is crucial to move quickly. Get to the heart of the situation and have your plan ready and responses in place before the media have their questions. Drive the news agenda rather than react to it. Our crisis communication training and support services can help you achieve what you will need to do.

Speed is vital. Being structured to respond quickly to the situation is a clear advantage.  Our crisis communication training will identify the processes that need to be in place to achieve this. Grabbing the communication agenda ahead of the media, controlling and directing the flow of information and beginning the process of giving a credible corporate response as the story breaks is a key element of successful crisis management. We will explore the challenges presented to you by new media at the time of an incident and suggest strategies for managing this communication platform.


Expertise in the field of crisis communication is an important aspect of effective management and comes along with our crisis communication training. Positive Impact will help to translate the knowledge of senior managers and technical specialists into coherent and meaningful messages for the media. Understanding of the media agenda and the issues that are faced locally and nationally by your organisation gives your team a head start in knowing what needs to be communicated and how.

Effective communication is essential to effective crisis management.  Because of the sensitive nature of this training we can provide this either as an open workshop or a programme tailored to the needs of a specific organisation.


Who would benefit from this session? Anyone who has a responsibility for the public reputation of an organisation, or who would be involved in response to a major incident.

The learning within the day cuts across all roles at all levels within an organisation and that’s why the sessions combine a mix of theory and practice.  This enables participants to develop the necessary skills and awareness irrespective of their specific responsibilities. For realism in-house programmes are most usually run on site around a developing scenario specific to each client.


The outcomes of our sessions are that participants have a far greater awareness of the pressures that will be placed upon them in dealing with a crisis. They will feel far more confident in their ability to manage, because of the communication skills they have learned from the session.


Crisis Consultancy Support

Beyond training sessions some of our clients turn to us for hands-on support should the worst happen. We can and will manage aspects of incident response. Talk to us or have a look at our website tab to see how we might help.

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