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Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that if an urgent issue or crisis arose there was someone available to provide crisis management support for you? Someone who could provide practical advice around incident response and help with all the internal and external crisis management communication activities? 

Well, help is at hand because that is exactly the service that we provide for a number of our clients.


For anyone who has been through our training, we offer a free post course support service that they can use. But some organisations we work alongside need more than that.

Trust has always been at the heart of our relationships with our clients. In our training, we work alongside many of those clients using real and often highly sensitive material. As part of our support role during an incident, as in our training, we will engage in sometimes difficult, but always open and honest dialogue.

Through this process we can help create response strategies and action plans, best preparing our clients for the reality of what they are about to do and the inevitable attention that follows.

How important is your reputation? It’s everything!

On occasion, the unexpected happens and an issue or incident occurs, often at the most inconvenient time.

We will respond to that imminent or urgent need and for the duration of the issue, stand alongside our client providing practical guidance and meaningful advice to help them cope. We can;

  • Respond to media enquiries and deal with journalists
  • Manage media facing activities and implement media management
  • Shape the communication response for both internal and external communications
  • Write media statements
  • Liaise with the communications teams of external agencies
  • Prepare spokespeople
  • Advise on the practicalities of incident response

With over twenty years’ experience, we have helped our clients deal with a wide range of situations.

If you think it would be helpful to have support, either on an ongoing basis or at the time you most need it, then please talk to us.

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