Crises are not things that always happen to others!

When a crisis strikes it's vital to be ready.

A Crisis Communications Plan is an essential part of ensuring you come through the crisis with your business and your reputation intact

At the time of a major incident you will be in the public spotlight like never before. The interest creates huge pressure. How will you cope?

We can work with you to identify the threats that face your organisation and then to help create a structure and supporting processes that will enable you to respond quickly and effectively.

Your document will be simple, clear, usable - and bespoke to your organisation!

Within your plan will be guidance on

  • Alerting and call in procedures
  • Response Teams - their composition and roles
  • The facilities and the resources required
  • Identifying your key audiences and how to reach them
  • Dealing with on-site media internal communication
  • Social media strategy
  • How to create media statements

Your plan will include

  • Template responses & messages for a variety of audiences
  • Check sheets
  • Timelines
  • Key tips for spokespeople
  • Advice on communication platforms and formats

If protecting your public reputation is important to you then a plan is an essential part of ensuring you can come through any crisis

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

Positive Impact

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