• Spot on. A real step up...

    Divisional Managing Director
    BAE Systems 

  • Thank you for providing the excellent training, it surpassed even my expections and I know that both of the trainees found the content and practical exercises appropriate and valuable.

    Britannia Airways 

  • All staff seemed to enjoy the course and get what they needed out of it.  They had great fun throughout the day which helped with the learning.

    Communications Manager
    Greater Manchester Casualty Reduction Partnership 

  • It was spot on, very demanding and realistic. I would definitely feel more comfortable carrying out interviews now.

    Safety Camera Partnership Communications Manager
    Department for Transport 

  • Tutors were fantastic. Proof that there is NO substitute for experience.

    H & S Manager
    Speedy Hire PLC 

  • The tutors were extremely professional.  They made everyone feel at ease almost immediately, they were helpful and approachable throughout.

    National Account Manager
    Rockware Glass Ltd

  • It is the best and most useful training I have had.

    Quality Assurance Manager
    Aimia Foods Ltd 

  • The course was an excellent balance of theory and practice.

    Corporate Affairs Director

  • ...for myself, I think the experience was akin to bungee jumping - a daunting prospect, a nervous leap into the unknown - but, when it's all over, a rather surprising satisfaction!

    Primary Head Teacher

  • I thought the whole experience was very fulfilling and I learned more in the first five minutes than I had learned at the other Presentation/Media Skills I have attended.

    Resident Guide
    The Goodwin Development Trust

  • The course was excellent.

    Direct of Project Delivery