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Presentation & Briefing skills

Briefings or presentations of one form or another are part of our working lives. Meetings, client visits, sales pitches, progress reporting are all part of the daily round. Yet there is still an almost irrational fear of getting to your feet and talking to others about what you are doing and what you know or think.
“It is said that people only fear death
more than they fear speaking in public. Why?”
This is a thoroughly practical session, based around doing a series of short exercises each followed by video playback and analysis to draw out learning. Most usually this session is on a one to one basis or with small groups in order to focus directly on individual needs.
This training session offers an opportunity to work alongside a professional tutor in front of camera in a totally closed and secure environment. The end result will be a reinforcement of the things you do well, guidance and the opportunity to work on areas in need of development.
Planning methods, delivery techniques, language and dealing with nerves are all covered within the session. This session is a very personal experience and a very valuable one.
The session can be run on site for your convenience as we are totally portable and have all the equipment to run the session wherever it suits you.
“We all know when we have seen a good presentation…”
By the close of the session each participant will feel far more confident about themselves and their abilities to communicate with an audience in a presentation style setting with purpose, clarity and confidence.