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Jon Boddy




Chances are you may not have heard too much about Positive Impact. We’ve been around since 2002 and over that time have built a reputation for quality, responsiveness and flexibility. I’d like to think we are a good outfit to work alongside. Why? Because we are driven by achieving what you want - and if we can’t do it, we will say so. Trust and openness are very important to us and I’d like to think we have relationships, not simply clients.

For what titles are worth I am Director and the founder of the company, something of which I am quite proud. I’ve been in this field for over fifteen years and have, what I’d like to think others would tell you is a vast experience of dealing with media communication issues. I’m a Fellow of the CIPR, a former regional Group Chairman and one of only a handful of CIPR Approved Trainers. I am a consultant to organisations within the travel, food and drink and health sectors. Most likely I’ll be running your session.

Other stuff, I am a Non-Executive Director of the Alcohol & Drug Service helping people deal with alcohol and substance abuse…oh and I am a professional Yorkshireman!

We are very fortunate to have an excellent and dynamic team at our HQ...


Anna is our Office Manager and looks after all the very important administration regarding the work we do. Booking venues, hotels for us or you, travel arrangements, timings, dietary requirements and anything to do with the setting up of the course itself is Anna's area of expertise. If you have any questions at all about your session then please get in touch with Anna! 


“If you have any questions at all about your session 
please get in touch – we are always happy to help!”


Richard is the guy with the technical know how. Dealing effectively with a media environment is not simply about the questions you get asked, there are a lot of other things it is handy to know.  Richard is a very experienced professional cameraman who has worked with and interviewed people from industry, international sportsmen and senior politicians. He brings “been there” experience to sessions as well as an insight into how a cameraman works alongside a reporter.


Craig is one of our two technical gurus and works with us as a cameraman/technician.  He has a BA (Hons) in Digital Media, TV and Film Production and whilst his speciality is CGI and computer based animation he has extensive experience both behind the camera and in production. Craig's input to sessions adds important learning around tricks of the cameraman's trade and sheds light upon the presenter/cameraman partnership in getting the story!


Lynda is our Business Development Manager and is here to help you with any training needs you may be considering.  She knows our business inside out and looks after a wide portfolio of clients across industry sectors.  Lynda will use her knowledge to match your requirements to the programme that will best meet your desired outcomes - or help you design something specific if that programme doesn't currently exist.

Give us a call and put Lynda's knowledge and creativity to the test!


From time to time there is a need to draw upon further tutor support or the knowledge and skills of other specialists. We have a number of associates who provide these for us. All are experts in their field drawing upon relevant experience and who fit with our style and ethos and are able to deliver the quality of training you would expect from us.