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Media & Communication Skills Training Specialists

Positive Impact is a specialist training company which helps people and organisations to communicate more effectively in media settings and a range of other environments. The majority of our work is in media and communication skills training, but we offer a whole range of courses, workshops and consultancy support that equips people to get their message across. 

Enabling people to communicate their ideas, their ethos, their achievements and their views is what we do. Sometimes that might be through training for media interviews, sometimes developing techniques for a presentation and sometimes it is training to help them deal with communication at the time of a major incident. We always work with people to determine their objectives and then deliver programmes or services to meet those specific outcomes. 

Whilst most of our work is about equipping people to communicate with and through the media, we have evolved to deliver a range of other communication-based services such as video production, team building events and messaging and briefing skills to name a few. 
What we do for our clients is determined by them, not by us and the relationships we have with customers is at the heart of all we do. Without those relationships we are nothing!

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Every course is different, but there are some basic building blocks. 

  • Your requirements determine the programme
  • Subject matter will be real, properly researched and treated realistically to give you a valuable learning experience
  • Your course will be run by a professional and appropriately qualified tutor with support team dealing sensitively with each individual participant
  • The session is likely to have a clear emphasis on practical learning
  • The environment for the session will be made as realistic as it can be 
  • Training is always conducted in a confidential manner
  • The session will include appropriate support materials
  • You can talk to your tutor at any time before or after your session

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